Sponsor a Student

Cover the cost of ministry training and support the move of God in Generation Z.

Why Gen Z?

In December of 2021, the Survey Center on American Life found that Generation Z is the least Christian generation in American history. 34% of Generation Z is not affiliated with any religion and is more likely than previous generations to identify as atheist or agnostic. Out of all survey participants, 83% were not attending a prayer or Bible study group and 63% were not members of a church. Join us in our mission to empower and equip Generation Z leaders to set off revival all over the world.


  • What does sponsorship cover?

    Funds go directly towards supporting student internships. Every student's financial situation is unique. While the base tuition is $5,000 and covers lodging, ground transpiration, and materials, some students also incur additional travel costs — such as those who may need to travel from international locations. Your sponsorship of any amount will help to cover tuition costs, as well as potential travel costs.

  • How much is needed to fully sponsor a student?

    A donation of any amount will help. The total cost of base tuition is $5,000. That covers the 11-week internship, lodging, ground transportation, and materials. Please note that this does not include any travel costs that a student might incur in getting to Austin, TX - where the internship is based.

  • What is included in the tuition cost?

    The total tuition cost ($5,000.00) includes transportation, housing, breakfast and lunch (Monday - Thursday), student materials (books), background check, guest speakers, workshops, student events, and more.

  • How do I go about sponsoring a student?

    By making a donation of any amount on this specific page, you are entrusting us to distribute the donated resources to the students we deem most suitable for sponsorship. Please, make sure that you make the donation on this specific page if you want your donation designated to the internship program.

  • What if I want to sponsor a specific student?

    Because there is an application process for interns, if you want to sponsor a specific student, you’ll need to select them from our accepted applicants. If you’d like to donate to a specific applicant or see a list of approved applicants who need help with sponsorship, please email intern@davidhernandezministries.com.