Aplos Accounting

Aplos Accounting is a powerful online accounting software that will prove useful for your ministry. An accounting system will enable you to better steward the ministry’s finances.


An online-based and cost-effective phone system that will allow you to sort and direct calls to your various ministry departments (i.e. prayer line, donor line, event info, etc.) The system can even handle voicemails and forward calls to multiple different cell phones. Our ministry line is set up through Grasshopper: 888.740.1110

Gusto Payroll

An affordable, full-service payroll system that will help to keep you and your staff members paid, legally and ethically. By using a payroll company, you’ll be able to more easily maintain a clear line between your personal finances and ministry finances, which is important for the sake of integrity. Gusto manages employee and employer taxes, health care, and even year-end W2 forms. You’ll be able to run both salary and hourly payroll.


Your emailing list is, in David’s opinion, your most important online platform. Mailchimp will enable you to collect emails, set up automatic welcome emails, give out free digital content, create newsletters and e-updates, and sort all your email contacts by groups (so people can specify what kind of content they want from you.) We send out at least 5 email campaigns a week.

Fundraise Up

If you choose any tool listed on this resource page, choose this one. You might be surprised at how many people have tried to give to your ministry online only to give up because of a glitchy, slow-loading, complicated giving form. When it comes to giving, you want to make it as easy as possible for your donors. Fundraise Up is the most powerful fundraising tool we have ever used, and we’ve used many tools over the years. This intelligent software can automatically adjust currency based on location, process automatic monthly donations, and more. The easy-to-use and welcoming form design makes giving simple, secure, and fast. Though results for everyone will vary, when we switched to this form, we noticed that our giving increased by more than an estimated 30%.

Book Baby

If you have a book that you want published but are overwhelmed when it comes to book design, e-books, Amazon sales, distribution, printing, marketing, and the various other elements of book publishing, then this all-in-one self-publishing service will be very useful to you. Book Baby will help you publish your book and even manage sales/delivery long-term.